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Specializations for Majors

For majors who wish to focus their studies, the Department offers three options for specialization. Majors who complete the requirements for any of these specializations will be presented with a certificate upon graduation (the specializations will not appear on diplomas or official transcripts).

Health & Society. This specialization is ideal for majors who intend to work in settings which require strong background knowledge in medicine or health, or who want to go to graduate school in sociology, medicine, the health professions, or public health. Majors can complete the Health & Society specialization by successfully completing SOC 322: Medical Sociology or SOC 477: Sociology of Health Care, plus two additional health-related sociology electives from this list:

SOC 304 Sociology of Aging SOC 358 Sociology of Food
SOC 308 Sociology of the Life Course SOC 362 Families & Inequality
SOC 311 Drugs & Society SOC 364 Sociology of the Body
SOC 314 Sociology of Gender SOC 378 Social Inequalities & Health
SOC 322 Medical Sociology SOC 382 Sociology of Death & Dying
SOC 329 Population Problems SOC 446 Environmental Sociology
SOC 331 Sociology of Wealth & Poverty SOC 457 Social Policies for Aging Societies
SOC 338 Sociology of Sexuality SOC 477 Sociology of Health Care
SOC 341 Environment & Society


Crime, Law & Justice. This specialization is intended for majors who plan to work in settings which require a strong background in crime or law, or who plan to apply to graduate school in sociology, criminology, or law. Majors can complete the requirements for specialization in Crime, Law, & Justice by successfully completing SOC 307: Criminology or SOC 373: Sociology of Law plus two additional law-related sociology electives from this list:

SOC 307 Criminology SOC 348 Urban Sociology
SOC 311 Drugs & Society SOC 360 Political Sociology
SOC 317 Criminal Justice Systems SOC 366 Crime & Popular Culture
SOC 319 Juvenile Justice SOC 373 Sociology of Law
SOC 331 Sociology of Wealth & Poverty SOC 384 Collective Behavior & Social Movements
SOC 332 Sociology of Work SOC 387 Race & Racism
SOC 337 Sociology of Punishment SOC 467 Sociology & Social Policy
SOC 345 Sociology of Deviance SOC 482 Advanced Topics in Social Justice, Crime, and Law


Global Sociology. This specialization recognizes the efforts of students to incorporate cross-cultural understanding and diverse approaches to knowledge and social inquiry into their undergraduate sociology degree. Majors can earn the Global Sociology specialization by earning Sociology credit in an approved study abroad or study away program, or by incorporating significant international content in a Sociology Honor’s research project.