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Sociology Student Spotlight

Based on faculty and instructor nominations to the Undergraduate Studies Committee, each month we choose one major to feature as our “Sociology Student Spotlight.” This program recognizes the extraordinary achievements, accomplishments, and activities of our undergraduate majors.

Current Spotlight Student: Anna Blatto!

When asked why she became a sociology major, Anna explains “After taking a few classes and exploring my options, I discovered I had a passion for cities and how people interact within them. Therefore, I used sociology as an opportunity to learn more about urban environments and the unique interactions that take place.”

After graduation, Anna plans on taking a gap year to do volunteer work. After that, she wants to enroll in a joint law and urban planning graduate program.  She explains: “My ultimate goal is to work on social justice issues within the planning field and create more equitable environments within urban areas through effective community development.”

Congratulations Anna!

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