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Minor in Society, Medicine and Health

The Minor in Society, Medicine, and Health focuses on the socio-demographic, cultural, political, and ethical contexts that underlie the medical profession and para-professions, and the social structure of health and health policy. This minor is ideal for students who plan to work in settings which require a strong background in the social aspects of medicine and health, and for students who plan to go to graduate school in sociology, urban planning or public health, or to pursue advanced training in any of the wide range of health professions.

Required Courses for the Minor:

SOC 229, Population Dynamics
SOC 322, Medical Sociology -OR- SOC 477, Sociology of Health Care

Four electives from this list:

SOC 239, Sociology of Happiness
SOC 304, Sociology of Aging
SOC 308, Life Course Sociology
SOC 311, Drugs and Society
SOC 314, Sociology of Gender
SOC 322, Medical Sociology
SOC 328, Social Inequality
SOC 331, Sociology of Wealth & Poverty
SOC 341, Environment and Society
SOC 358, Sociology of Food
SOC 362, Families and Inequality
SOC 378, Social Inequalities & Health
SOC 382, Sociology of Death and Dying
SOC 385, Neighborhoods and Health
SOC 446, Environmental Sociology
SOC 457, Social Policies for Aging Societies
SOC 467, Sociology of Social Policy
SOC 477, Sociology of Health Care

One of the four electives for the Society, Medicine, and Health Minor may come from this list:

SSC 103, Introduction to Health and Human Services
SSC 218, Issues in Mental Health
SSC 407, Health Care and the Elderly
SSC 420, Child Mental Health
END 308, Health and Urban Environments

*At least three of the electives for the minor must be at the 300/400 level

For more information on how to apply for the minor, please contact Ms. Kelly Crean, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Society, medicine and health minors in good standing are invited each year to submit term papers or sociological research projects (including Honors theses and Independent Study final papers) written within the current academic year for consideration for the Best Undergraduate Student Paper Award. Click here for details about eligibility and submission.

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