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Students on the Job Market

University at Buffalo Graduate Students and PhDs on the Job Market 2017-18


Paul Durlak
Dissertation: “Disputing Fairness: Worker Perceptions of the Americans with Disabilities Act”
Committee: Mary Nell Trautner (chair), Debra Street, Erin Hatton
Areas: Sociology of Law; Disability & Society; Sociology of Work; Organizations & Institutions; Teaching Sociology; Social Theory

Sarah Glann
Dissertation: “Something’s Rotten, not in Denmark, but in Lockport:  History, Politics, and Pollution on the Banks of the Erie Canal”
Committee: Debra Street (co-chair), Luke Krieg (co-chair), Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk, Kristen Schultz Lee
Areas: Environmental Sociology; Medical Sociology/Sociology of Health and Illness; Teaching Sociology

Gregory Hall
Dissertation: “Housing Precocity: Compulsion, Normalization, and Neo-liberal Logic”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Robert Adelman, Mary Nell Trautner
Areas: Urban; Criminology; Culture; Methods; Poverty and Inequality

Watoii Rabii
Dissertation: “Color-Blind Criminalization and Contingent Threat:  Comparing the Receptions and Perceptions of Immigrants in Urban and Rural Areas”
Committee: Robert Adelman (chair), Mary Nell Trautner, Christopher Mele
Areas: Race; Inequality; Criminology; Urban Sociology, Sociological Theory; Qualitative Methodology; Immigration

Jared Strohl
Dissertation: “The Making and Breaking of Cultural Practice: Food, Waste and Community in a Postindustrial City”
Committee: Erin Hatton (chair), Jorge Arditi and Chris Mele
Areas: Theory; Urban; Race; Environmental; Culture; Food