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Students on the Job Market

University at Buffalo Graduate Students and PhDs on the Job Market 2016-17


Kiera Duckworth
Dissertation: “Intersections of Masculinity and Health from Adolescence to Young Adulthood”
Committee: Mary Nell Trautner (chair), Debra Street, Ashley Barr
Areas: Gender, Sexuality, & the Body; Medical Sociology; Social Problems; Life Course Sociology; Sociology of Sport; Teaching Sociology

Paul Durlak
Dissertation: “Rights in the Workplace: Employment and the Americans with Disabilities Act.”
Committee: Mary Nell Trautner (chair), Debra Street, Erin Hatton
Areas: Sociology of Law, Organizations & Institutions, Disability & Society, Social Theory, Work, Teaching Sociology

Gregory Hall
Dissertation: “Affordable Housing: Precariousness and Expectations”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Robert Adelman, Mary Nell Trautner
Areas: Urban, criminology, culture, small groups

Jessica Hoffman
Dissertation: “Understanding Maternity Health Care Decisions”
Committee: Mary Nell Trautner (chair), Debra Street, Erin Hatton
Areas: Sociology of Health, Medical Sociology, Social Inequality, Sociology of Gender

Robert Kappel
Dissertation: “Drinking on the Go: Regulating Urban Space Through Permissive Policies”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Robert Granfield, Kathleen Miller, Stephen Ostertag
Areas: Law and society, urban sociology, criminology, deviant behavior, sociology of drugs and alcohol, qualitative methods

Melis Su Kural  • Vita
Dissertation: “Social Mobility of Low-income Women in New Urban Satellites Communities: The Case of Izmir, Turkey”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Robert Adelman, Jorge Arditi
Areas: Urban sociology, housing and communities, sociology of immigration

Elizabeth Roby• Vita
Dissertation: “Climate of Framing: Beyond Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice in a Neoliberal Context”
Committee: Christopher Mele (chair), Jorge Arditi, Robert Granfield