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Recent Student Achievements & Publications


Joanne Tompkins’ chapter coauthored with Debra Street, “Is 70 the New 60? Extending American Women’s and Men’s Working Lives,” is forthcoming in the book, Gender, Ageing, and Extended Working Life: Cross National Perspectives.

Miranda Workman’s chapter, “Perceptions of Personality: How What We See Influences Our Perceptions About and Behavior Toward Companion Animals,” is forthcoming in Companion Animals in Everyday Life: Situating Human-Animal Engagement within Cultures (2016).

Rob Kappel published an article, “One Person’s Party is Another’s Trash: The Creation of Urban Public Space Through To-Go Cup Laws,” in the School of Management Review.

Melis Kural published an article, “Lost (and Gained) in Transition: The Contradictions of
Gentrification in Alacati, Turkey,” in the School of Management Review.

Jared Strohl published an article, “Neoliberalism, Work, and the Growth of Individualism,” in the School of Management Review.

Patrick McDonald was awarded a $43,000 grant from Say Yes to Education for a 10-year longitudinal study to better understand factors affecting college success. He was previously awarded grants of $40,000 and $52,000 for this research.

Aysegul Balta was awarded the Nathalie Devine Howe Award for her paper, “Organizational Mediation of Immigrant Integration: Transnational Entrepreneurship and Integration with Difference.”

Jared Strohl was awarded the Adeline Gordon Levine Excellence in Teaching Award in May.


Joel Inbody published an article in Sociology of Religion, “Sensing God: Bodily Manifestations and Their Interpretation in Pentecostal Rituals and Everyday Life.”

Kiera Duckworth was elected as the student representative to ASA’s Sex & Gender Section Council.

Ashley Wendell Kranjac published an article in Social Science & Medicine, “The moderating effect of self-efficacy on normal-weight, overweight, and obese children’s math achievement: A longitudinal analysis.”

Tyler Dupont published an article in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, “From Core to Consumer: The Informal Hierarchy of the Skateboard Scene.”

Greg Hall published an article in the Journal of Historical Sociology, “Selective Authenticity: Civil War Reenactors and Credible Reenactments.”

Christy Panagakis published an article with Department alumna Elizabeth Gage Bouchard in Social Science & Medicine, “The architecture of support: The activation of preexisting ties and formation of new ties for tailored support.”

Christy Panagakis published an article in Advances in Life Course Research, “Reconsidering adulthood: Relative constructions of adult identity during the transition to adulthood.”

Kiera Duckworth published a book review of Sexual Minorities in Sports: Prejudice at Play in the Journal of Sex Research.

Sarah Glann was featured in the Buffalo News for her research on the pollution of Eighteen Mile Creek in Lockport and the toxic threats that residents face in the area.

Kiera Duckworth received the 2015 Adeline Gordon Levine Excellence in Teaching Award.

Ashley Wendell Kranjac received the 2015 Nathalie Devine Howe Best Paper Award.