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Nathalie D. Howe Award Graduate Student Paper Award

The Nathalie D. Howe Award was established in 2009 by Judge Barbara Howe, Ph.D., adjunct Associate Professor, and former Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at UB. This award will be given annually to recognize outstanding work by sociology graduate students at either the Masters or Doctoral level. Entries should follow ASA style, be double-spaced, and not exceed 35 pages in length (including tables, appendices, and references). Papers must have been written while the author was a graduate student. Papers may have been submitted for publication; submitted papers that have not yet been published, as well as those published during or after the current academic year are acceptable. Papers published before the current academic year will not be considered. Collaborative papers are eligible for consideration provided that all the authors are of the same status and individually eligible for the competition (i.e., papers cannot be co-authored by a graduate and an undergraduate or by a student and a faculty member). The award includes a monetary grant toward travel expenses to attend a professional meeting. The awardee is expected to attend the Department’s graduation ceremony in May to receive the award.

All submissions will be evaluated by the Graduate Studies committee, and must be emailed as a Word or PDF file to Professor Robert Adelman ( by 5 pm, Monday April 4, 2016.