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Nathalie D. Howe Award Graduate Student Paper Award

Sociology graduate students are invited to submit manuscripts for the Nathalie Devine Howe Award. This award is given annually to recognize outstanding work by Masters- or Doctoral-level Sociology graduate students. Judge Barbara Howe, PhD, adjunct Associate Professor, and former Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at UB, established this award in 2009 in honor of her mother. The award includes a monetary grant toward travel expenses to attend a professional meeting.


  • Submissions must have a title and abstract, follow ASA style, be double-spaced in 12 point font, and not exceed 35 pages (including tables, appendices, and references).
  • Manuscripts must have been written while the author was a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at UB. Collaborative papers are eligible so long as all authors are current Sociology graduate students at UB.
  • Manuscripts may have been submitted for publication, published during the current academic year, accepted for publication, or not submitted for publication. Manuscripts published before the current academic year are not eligible.

The winner(s) is required to receive the award in person at the Department’s graduation ceremony in May. Upon submission, you must state that you will attend the ceremony to receive the award if your manuscript is selected as the outstanding paper.

All submissions will be evaluated by the Graduate Studies committee, and must be emailed as a Word or PDF file to the Director of Graduate Studies by 5 pm on the second Monday in April (April 9 2018; April 8 2019).

Previous winners: 

2017: Jessica Hoffman, “‘Everybody Feels the Need to Offer You Advice When You’re Pregnant’: Evaluating the Character and Extent of Trust in Pregnancy Advice Among First-Time Moms”

2016: Aysegul Balta Ozgen, “Organizational Mediation of Immigrant Integration:  Transnational Entrepreneurship and Integration with Difference”

2015: Ashley Kranjac, “The Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy on Normal-Weight, Overweight, and Obese Children’s Math Achievement: A Longitudinal Analysis”

2014: Sibo Zhao, “Mental Health after Childbirth: Growth Trajectories in Depressive Symptoms over Time”

2013: Kiera Duckworth, “Moving Beyond the Racial Binary: Exploring the Racial Representations of Women in Sports Illustrated

2012: Sarah H. Smith, “Scripting Sexual Desire: Cultural Scenarios of Teen Girls’ Sexual Desire in Popular Films, 2000-2009”

2011: Cassi Meyerhoffer, “‘I Would Be Like a Grain of Salt in a Pepper Shaker’: Exploring Neighborhood Preferences Among White, Blacks, and Hispanics”

2010: Jordan Willis, “Social Inequality and Attitudes Toward Euthanasia”

2009: Elizabeth Roby, “Marginalized Patients in Emergency Medical Service: Provider Perspectives”