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Masters Degree in Sociology

A Master of Arts degree in Sociology prepares students for careers in teaching, research, government and industry, or with community organizations. It also prepares students for doctoral work in Sociology.

The MA degree is based on instruction in graduate courses and the completion of either a Master’s Portfolio (for those pursuing careers after the MA degree) or original scholarship in the form of a Master’s project (for those continuing in academia or research), written under the supervision of at least two regular Department faculty. A minimum of 30 credit hours of Master’s level courses are required, including 9 credit hours of mandatory coursework:

Sociological Theory, SOC 567
Social Research Methods, SOC 606
Social Statistics, SOC 504

Students studying for their MA usually complete their program of study within two years. MA students who wish to continue in our PhD program do not continue automatically; they must apply for readmission to the PhD program.

MA students may be eligible to compete for the Department’s teaching and research awards:
Adeline Gordon Levine Excellence in Teaching Award
Nathalie D. Howe Award Graduate Student Paper Award

Application information

Detailed information about the MA degree, including requirements, policies, the MA paper, and coursework, can be found in the Department’s Graduate Handbook.

For questions or more information, contact:
Ms. Sue Ann Sciandra, Graduate Program Coordinator
430 Park Hall