Fellowships and Assistantships for Graduate Study

Departmental Teaching Assistantships/Graduate Assistantships

The department has 15 funded Teaching Assistantship/Graduate Assistantship positions.  Stipends for these assistantships start at $12,400 per academic year and include a tuition waiver.  The assistantship stipend is adjusted periodically for contractual raises.  The tuition waiver is paid at in-state rates.  Out-of-state students awarded assistantships must apply for and obtain New York State residency within their first year on assistantship.  Policies and procedures for obtaining New York State residency can be found at: http://www.grad.buffalo.edu/policies/residency.php.   In order for a graduate application to be considered for a teaching/graduate assistantship, the application must be complete by January 15 prior to September enrollment.   Our funds are limited and therefore assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. 

Teaching Appointments

Sociology Graduate Students

Teaching Appointments are an opportunity to learn the art of teaching.  In general, an MA in Sociology is required for a teaching appointment. After receiving an MA degree, all students with teaching Assistantships from the department are required to teach.  Students in the PhD program who do not have teaching assistantships may apply for teaching appointments.  To receive health benefits, advanced students must teach two courses per term.

Presidential Fellowships

A limited number of highly competitive Presidential Fellowships are available to outstanding students.  Candidates are nominated for this award by the department.  The fellowships offer an assistantship stipend, a Presidential fellowship stipend ranging from $4,000 to $8,000, and a full tuition scholarship.  These fellowships are normally renewable for a total of four years of support.

Dean’s Scholarships and Fellowships

Dean’s Fellowships are similar to Presidential Fellowships; they offer an assistantship and a full tuition scholarship.  In addition, Dean’s Fellows are awarded a fellowship stipend of $4,000.  These fellowships are normally renewable for a total of 4 years of support.

Dissertation Fellowships

Outstanding graduate students who have reached the stage of preparing their doctoral dissertations may apply on a competitive basis to receive a Dissertation Fellowship, which carries with it a stipend of $4,000 for one academic year.  There are a limited number of these Fellowships, which entail no teaching other form of obligation.  They are intended to assist advanced doctoral candidates in the preparation of their dissertations.  These Fellowships may be used to supplement other forms of financial support a student received, or they may be awarded to students who are otherwise unfunded.

Arthur A. Schomburg Graduate Fellowship Program

The Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship Program offers support for historically underrepresented minority students in graduate programs across the university.  Students in the program have outstanding academic credentials which contribute to an impressive graduation and retention rate of close to eighty percent.   Students are nominated by the department following their admission. For additional information see http://www.grad.buffalo.edu/costs/schomburg.php

Gilbert D. Moore Fellowships

This fellowship program is named in honor of the late Gilbert D. Moore, who served on the faculty of the Graduate School of Education prior to his appointment as dean of the Graduate School.  The Graduate School, in conjunction with the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, the School of Dental Medicine, and the Law School, established this fellowship program to attract superior students into concurrent programs of professional and doctoral research, including the concurrent M.D./Ph.D., D.D.S./Ph.D., and J.D./Ph.D. programs.