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Current Graduate Students

Daniel Bagnall
Areas:  Medical Sociology and Life Course Studies, particularly discrimination against elderly or impoverished patients

Aysegul Balta Ozgen
Areas: International Migration, Qualitative Methods, Law and Social Policy

Erica Boyce
Areas: Drug Policy, Crime, Health

Hsiao-Wen Chiang
Areas: Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology

Rochelle Chua
Areas: Urban Sociology (spatial division and their effects), Elderly, Social Inequalities

Michael Cimasi
Areas: Law & Society, Higher Education, Organizations and Institutions, Urban Sociology & Medical Gentrification

Natasha Clark

Jack Clarke
Areas: Contemporary Theory; Cultural Sociology; Urban Sociology; Qualitative Methods

Jessica Coley
Areas: Race, Residential Segregation, Gentrification

Kristen Connolly
Areas: Race; Social Inequality and the Law

Willis Danielson
Areas: Technology, Education, Social Stratification, Theory Contemporary/Classical, Quantitative Methods

Scott Denk
Areas: Gender Inequality, Race Inequality, Symbolic Interactionism, and Qualitative Studies

Jin Dong
Areas: Sociology of Law; Criminology; Criminal Justice; Chinese Society

Kiera Duckworth
Areas: Gender, Sexuality, & the Body; Mixed Methods; Sociology of Sport; Health Behaviors

Paul Durlak
Areas: Law and Society, Organizations and Institutions, Disability and Society, Work, Social Theory, Teaching

Francisco Figueroa
Areas: Social Psychology, Sociology of the Family and small groups, and Sociology of Knowledge

Wanda Garcia
Areas: Child Welfare, Racial Inequality, and Crime

Sarah Glann
Areas: Environmental Inequality and Justice Movements, Community-based Research Programs, Community-level Public Health Interventions

Gregory Hall
Areas: Criminology, Urban, Small Group Culture, Homelessness

Jessica Hoffman
Areas: Race; Gender; Life Course; Military; Inequality; Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Sarah Hussain
Areas: Medical Sociology, Racial and Ethnic Inequality, Sociology of the Life Course, Mixed Methods Research

Rob Kappel
Areas: Law and Society, Urban Sociology, Criminology, Qualitative Methodology, Deviance

Eileen Keh
Areas: Probation System; Aging Society; Adolescent Subcultures

Vinay Kumar
Areas: Theory; Culture; Urban Sociology; Science, Knowledge, and Ideas

Melis Kural
Areas: Urban Sociology, Housing, Poverty, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Mobility

Byung Soo Lee
Areas: Life Course, Family, Aging, Gender, Inequality, Education

Seon Yup Lee
Areas:  Korean Society, Immigration, Gender, Class

Wei Luo
Areas: Criminology, Medical Sociology, and Quantitative Research Methods

Donna Manion
Areas: Gender, Transgender, and Queer Subcultures; Medical Industry; Mental Illness; Military

Patrick McDonald
Areas: Race; Class; Sociology of Education

Matthew McLeskey
Areas: Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, Qualitative Methods, Political Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Law

Tenzin Metok
Areas: Gender Studies, Discrimination, Immigration, Inequality, Racial Studies

Malysa Mosier
Areas: Childhood Development, Women in the Military

Brandon Noga
Areas: Sociology of Education, Family and the Life Course, Law and Social Policy, Social Psychology, Social Inequality

Laura Obernesser
Areas: Sociology of the Family, Aging and Life Course, Poverty and Social Welfare, Classical and Contemporary Theory, Sociology of Knowledge, Qualitative Methods

Jolin Ooi
Areas: Sociology of Art, Urban Sociology

Matthew Perry
Areas: Medical Sociology, Aging and Life Course, Quantitative Methods, Family

Watoii Rabii
Areas: Inequality, Immigration, Urban Sociology, Crime and Deviance, and Social Theory

Margaret Rex
Areas: Social Movements, Political Sociology and Stratification

Fernando Rodriguez Leon
Areas: Immigration, Masculinity, Drugs, Violence, Sports

Diana Samardzic
Areas: Statistics; Economic Sociology of Immigration; Quantitative Research; Gender

Jennifer Schweitzer
Areas: Gender, Social Inequalities, Criminology, Social Policy, Law

Youlhee Seo
Areas: Adolescence, Socialization, Lifecourse

Anamika Sharma
Areas: Ethnicity and Refugee Assimilation; Qualitative Methods

Steele Skrenta
Areas:  Technology, Urban Planning

Jared Strohl
Areas: Urban, Environmental, Culture, Theory, Race and Ethnicity, Education

Joanne Tompkins
Areas: Medical Sociology, Aging, Life Course, Food

Logan Valenty
Areas:  Statistics

Stephanie Valenzuela Preciado
Areas: Crime, Deviance, Race, Stratification, Immigration

Siqi Wang
Areas: Cultural Consumption; Urban Sociology; Stratification

Miranda Workman
Areas:  Anthrozoological Research Focusing on Shelter-based Issues, Human Decision Making About Non-human Animals (including euthanasia and adoption decisions) and the Intersection Between Human and Non-human Worlds

Yulin Yang
Areas: Medical Sociology and Social Stratification of Health

Yaqi Yuan
Areas: Sociology of Law, Sociology of Families, Medical Sociology