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Mary Nell Trautner

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies


Ph.D., Sociology, University of Arizona, 2006

Research interests:
Sociology of law; Gender, sexuality, and the body; Work and organizations

Recent Courses:
Sociology of Gender
Gender & Work
Sociology of Law
Sociology of Law (graduate)
Criminology (graduate)
Sociology of Gender (graduate)

Mary Nell Trautner’s research focuses on intersections of social inequality and social justice. She asks how law, culture, and organizational practices shape the ways in which inequality is created, perpetuated, and/or experienced.

Her current research spans a range of topics, including analyses of young people’s ideologies of gender; tales about the “litigation lottery”; bodywork practices; physical appearance bias; prosecutors as cause lawyers; living wage campaigns; and sexual aggression in bars. Her current NSF-funded research focuses on how families cope and make decisions about their child’s birth injuries.


Her publications and CV can be accessed through her website.