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Ashley Barr

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2014

Research interests: Family, Family Inequality, Aging and Life Course, Health, Quantitative Methods

Recent Courses:
SOC362: Families and Inequality
SOC293: Social Research Methods

Ashley Barr is primarily a family sociologist.  Broadly speaking, her research examines (1) the individual, interpersonal, and contextual factors that affect the formation, continuation, and well-being of romantic and family relationships and (2) the role that these relationships play across a variety of domains, including health, education, and deviant and criminal behavior. She is currently working on several projects to understand how romantic relationships get “under the skin” by affecting biomarkers of health and chronic disease. The use of dyadic data analysis in these projects allows for an examination of “contagion effects” —when stressors experienced by one partner manifest in the other— and a better understanding of the relational underpinnings of health and healthy aging.