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PhD Alumni News


Tyler Dupont

Dissertation: Skating Through Life: Subcultural Careers in and Exits from Skateboarding
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Assistant Professor, SUNY Oneonta, Sociology Dept

Yumiko Fujita

Dissertation: Gender and Formal Carework in Japan
Advisor: Street
Current position: Tenured Teacher, Dazaifu School for Special Needs Education, Fukouka Prefecture Board of Education, Japan

Jessica Hoffman

Dissertation: Understanding Maternity Care Decisions
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Hilbert College

Robert Kappel

Dissertation: “The Greatest Free Party in the Streets”: Creating Urban Place Identity Through Permissive Policy
Advisor: Mele
Current position: Regional Director, B’nai B’rith Youth Organization

Melis Kural

Dissertation: Making Sense of Post-Relocation for Public Housing Residents in Izmir, Turkey
Advisor: Mele
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Keuka College


Sarah Desai

Dissertation: The Impact of Avoiding Surveilling Istitutions Among the Children of U.S. Immigrants
Advisor: Street
Current position: Adjunct Professor, SUNY Buffalo

Jin Dong

Dissertation: How Do Chinese Lawyers View Pro Bono? A Sociological Analysis
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Deputy Head, China office, Astrum Education, Shanghai

Elizabeth Roby

Dissertation: Climate of Framing:  Beyond Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice in a Neoliberal Context
Advisor: Mele
Current position: Lecturer, Alfred State, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Margaret Smith

Dissertation: Family Income Instability and Child Socioemotional Development
Advisor: Wagmiller
Current position: Research Scientist, Women, Children, & Adolescent Bureau, NYS Office of Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Svcs


Jessica Fitzpatrick
Dissertation: Institutionalized Help: Teen Dating Violence Victims’ Relationships with Family, The Law, and Medical Care
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Assistant Professor of Social Work, SUNY-Fredonia

Ashley Kranjac
Dissertation: A Sociological Evaluation of Childhood Obesity
Advisor: Wagmiller
Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, Rice University Kinder Institute

Christina Panagakis
Dissertation: With a Little Help From My Friends: Social Networks and the Transition to Adulthood
Advisor: Lee
Current position: Project Director, Research Institute on Addictions

Johnna Pike
Dissertation: Demanding Accountability in Domestic Violence Courts: Defendants’ Perspectives of Mandated Batterers Intervention Programs
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Assistant Professor of Social Sciences & Human Development, Newbury College

O. Nicholas Robertson
Dissertation: Immigration, Identity, and Crime
Advisor: Adelman
Current position: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Rochester Institute of Technology

Sarah Smith
Dissertation: Touchy Subjects: Teen’s Perspectives on Stigma, Risk, and Adulthood in School-Based Sex Education
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Population Health Research Analyst, Optum Patient Insights

Sibo Zhao
Dissertation: Changes in Parental Time with Children in China, 2004-2011: Time Trends, Regional Variation, and Gender Inequality
Advisor: Lee
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Central University of Finance and Economics (Beijing)


Kriston D’Amuro
Dissertation: Life in Affluent Globalized City: Working Age Singaporeans’ Current Perspectives and Future Expectations
Advisor: Street
Current position: Lecturer, University at Buffalo Singapore campus

Jessica MacNamara
Dissertation: Appearance and Acceptance: Toward a Sociology of Familial Responses to Gender Transition
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Keuka College

Meghan Murphy
Dissertation: How Social Support and Sexuality-Based Expectations Shape Former Students’ Perspectives on Being Out in High School
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Bridgewater State University

Daniel Nickolai
Dissertation: Student Orientations to Learning in a Marketized Environment: Disciplined Learners, Disinterested Consumers, or Distorted Constructions?
Advisor: Trautner
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Trocaire College

Kimberly Silla
Dissertation: The Impact of the Feminist Movement, By Birth Cohort, on the Likelihood of Becoming a Grandmother Caregiver
Advisor: Blair
Current position: Lecturer, Niagara University

Dawn Soufleris
Dissertation: From Home to Hall: The Transitional Experiences of Homeschooled Students Entering Residential University Settings
Advisor: Street
Current position: Associate Vice President for Student Behavior, Rochester Institute of Technology


Kathleen Contrino
Dissertation: Drug Court Judges and Judicial Behavior: “Progressives” or “Traditionals” and Their Impact on Clients
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Canisius College

Cindy Hsin-Yi Liu
Dissertation: Ethnicity-Based Patterns of Mate Selectivity: Second Generation Immigrants in Southern California and Florida
Advisor: Blair
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Community College of Rhode Island

Lauren Nicholas
Dissertation: An Examination of Current Obstetrical Opinions, Diagnostic & Practice Trends in the Management of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Patients & Their Effects
Advisor: Blair
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, D’Youville College


Shashi Gayadeen
Dissertation: Ritualizing Social Problems: Intermediaries in the Institutionalization of Anti-Hazing Legislation
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Buffalo State College

Cassi Meyerhoffer
Dissertation: What’s Race Got to Do With It? An In-depth Analysis of Neighborhood Preferences and Residential Segregation
Advisor: Adelman
Current position: Assistant Professor of Sociology, Southern Connecticut State University

Philip Veliz
Dissertation: The Role of Interscholastic Sport in Public High Schools: A Zero-Sum Game or a Bridge to Success?
Advisor: Granfield
Current position: Research Assistant Professor, Institute for Research on Women & Gender, University of Michigan